2 Kids and a Tub | 5 on 5

We moved into our house in 2015 and just finished renovating our crazy 80's master bathroom. The last few months have been a pain in the ass and even though the bathroom isn't quite finished yet it's finally 100% functional - which means our kids can finally take a bath.

Kids Feet in Clawfoot Tub Lifestlye Family Session Orlando.jpg

Having a big bath tub is awesome. I originally wanted it for selfish reasons BUT I can't tell you how much joy this tub brings the kids. 

Little Boy in Bathtub Orlando In Home Family Photographer.jpg

And I love how the big ass tub makes my little guy look kinda tiny. 

Close up of Water on Baby's Back in Bathtub.jpg

The kids have so much fun playing...

Siblings in Clawfoot Tub Orlando Documentary Photographer.jpg

Getting out = bummer... 

Girl Wrapped Up in Towels at Bathtime Central Florida Documentary Photographer.jpg

I'm not gonna lie, this bathroom renovation sucked. We did a lot of the work ourselves, it took a long time (ahem, years) and there's still a bunch left to do (we still don't have a place to hang our towels...or the toilet paper). Still, I can't believe that after almost 3 years we're finally at a point where we're using our bathroom! It's actually kinda weird...but in a really good way. I love having this new space and I don't mind sharing it with the kids at all. In fact, I love that they're loving it too! Bath time has never been so much fun :)

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