My kids are growing SO fast. Yours are too. What will we remember from this time in our lives? What kind of photographs will take us back to how we feel right now? 

I think about this often. When I’m nursing my son. When I’m watching my daughter dance. When my husband gives me a hug at the end of a long day. I think about how special all of the ordinary moments are. One day my son won’t fit in my arms and my daughter will stop dancing in the living room. I wish I could bottle up these moments. These feelings. I blinked and I have two children who are growing faster than I ever could’ve imagined.

Documentary Style Sessions are about capturing life, emotions and connections. You don't have to prepare, worry about outfits and pray that your kids are going to behave. There's no stressing out about getting the perfect picture.  Instead, it's a peek into the way you are living right now.

Why Documentary? Because you should have authentic and beautiful images of your real life. You deserve to have the kinds of images that will take you back in time and spark a feeling. Because one day, when your kids are grown, they will love to see the way you looked at them...and the house they grew up in...and all of the things that make your family special and unique.

After my second child was born I started shooting from my heart and my passion for documenting life artistically and authentically continued to grow. I started capturing mischief, smiles and pouts. Favorite toys, clothes and messes. When my children are grown, I want them to see who they were, how much they were loved and the place they called home.

I want you to imagine holding an album in your hands that tells the story of your family. Your home. Your heart. 

What's a documentary session like? Well, I promise that after a few hours together it will feel like I'm part of your family. We'll probably laugh...a lot. Your kids are free to be themselves and so are you. It's as simple as it sounds. No matching outfits, no stress and zero expectations. I want to capture your family the same way that I capture my own. I observe, I photograph and at the end of the session, we'll say our friends.

I also shoot Lifestyle Sessions on location. These documentary inspired sessions are super relaxed and are aimed at capturing connection and emotion. These are fun sessions that will capture your family honestly and beautifully. 

When I look at my kids I can't believe how much they've already grown. I know that the photographs I have of them will jog my memory and take me back in time. Back to messy highchairs, uncombed hair and toys scattered across the living room floor. These are the best days of my life and I want to treasure them forever. Let me do the same for you.

Trust me, you're gonna thank me in 20 years...