Documentary Family Session | Orlando Family Photographer

This family totally embraced the documentary style session. They did their thing and I photographed them. It was a documentary photographer's dream :) 

I photograph my documentary families the same exact way I photograph my own. My approach includes crouching, crawling, climbing and a lot of other awkward and strange positions that usually puts the people I'm photographing at ease. I try not to think about it too much, but I probably look like a huge a-hole. I'm totally okay with that...I think ;)

Anyway, I love that these sessions are as honest as they are unique. I get to capture families living. For real. I'm capturing a story. Their story. I'm freezing a moment in time for these families and to me, that's really, really special.

I'm a big believer in photographing the everyday things. I know that one day, for this family, artwork will stop covering their walls and epic water balloon fights won't break out in the middle of the afternoon. Our children are always growing and our lives are forever changing. 

Think about your day. What was different six months ago? What will change 6 months from now? Do you see what I mean about life always changing?

Never forget to embrace the place where you live, the people you love and the things that you do  <3