2 Kids and a Tub | 5 on 5

We moved into our house in 2015 and just finished renovating our crazy 80's master bathroom. The last few months have been a pain in the ass and even though the bathroom isn't quite finished yet it's finally 100% functional - which means our kids can finally take a bath.

Kids Feet in Clawfoot Tub Lifestlye Family Session Orlando.jpg

Having a big bath tub is awesome. I originally wanted it for selfish reasons BUT I can't tell you how much joy this tub brings the kids. 

Little Boy in Bathtub Orlando In Home Family Photographer.jpg

And I love how the big ass tub makes my little guy look kinda tiny. 

Close up of Water on Baby's Back in Bathtub.jpg

The kids have so much fun playing...

Siblings in Clawfoot Tub Orlando Documentary Photographer.jpg

Getting out = bummer... 

Girl Wrapped Up in Towels at Bathtime Central Florida Documentary Photographer.jpg

I'm not gonna lie, this bathroom renovation sucked. We did a lot of the work ourselves, it took a long time (ahem, years) and there's still a bunch left to do (we still don't have a place to hang our towels...or the toilet paper). Still, I can't believe that after almost 3 years we're finally at a point where we're using our bathroom! It's actually kinda weird...but in a really good way. I love having this new space and I don't mind sharing it with the kids at all. In fact, I love that they're loving it too! Bath time has never been so much fun :)

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Halloween | Personal

My girl was super excited to dress up as Mal from Disney's Descendants. God help me, she's really into villains. 

Girl in Mal Costume in Orlando Children's Portrait Photographer.jpg

She looks so grown up here, I can't stand it! 

Girl in Disney's Mal Costume Orlando_.jpg

My 2.5 year old went Trick or Treating dressed as Batman. He's starting to figure out what Trick or Treating is all about which made this year extra special. I loved his curiosity as these Trick or Treaters came down the street with their wagon and buckets of candy. 

Batman Trick or Treating In Orlando Family Photojournalism.jpg

He was super adorable pulling our own wagon. He couldn't wait to get started :)

Boy in Batman Costume Orlando Lifestyle Photographer.jpg

Even though this isn't a Documentary Shot (I'm totally breaking the rules here guys) I wanted to share our Trick or Treating crew. I set up my tripod and grabbed my remote to get this group shot before we hit the streets. There are so few photos of our family together so I'm really glad we stopped for a minute to grab this one. 

Family Portrait in Halloween Costumes Orlando Family Photographer.jpg

I think next year we'll have to break tradition and head out a little bit earlier so I can grab some photos of the kids ringing doorbells too!

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World Breastfeeding Week | 5 on 5

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from August 1st - 7th all over the globe to encourage breastfeeding and to improve the health of babies around the world.

Even though I grew up around plenty of babies, none of them were nursed by their mothers. At least not in front of me. Still, breastfeeding was something that seemed to come naturally the moment my daughter was placed in my arms.

As natural as breastfeeding felt, it wasn't always easy. At times it was painful, exhausting and I felt like giving up. I held strong, never wanting to disappoint the little nursling who depended on and vigorously enjoyed my milk. I knew in my heart that I'd regret quitting so I set small goals. Over time nursing became effortless and I was so grateful that I did not quit. Before I knew it my two week goal turned into two years.

Breastfeeding comes easily to some women. For others there are obstacles. For all of us, it is a journey. In honor of Breastfeeding Mom's and World Breastfeeding Week I'm sharing 5 breastfeeding stories for this month's 5 on 5 photo share. 

I photographed this baby's birth, and his very first nursing session. He's less than one hour old in this photograph:

Newborn Nurses Birth Photographer.jpg

A self portrait, nursing my one year old son:

Breastfeeding Self Portrait.jpg

A rockstar Mom of three, breastfeeding her 1 month old newborn twins:

Mom Breastfeeds Twins.jpg

I photographed this Mama nursing her 3 week old newborn:

And Pumping Moms, this one's for you: 

Empty Medela Bottles Breastfeeding.jpg

Breastfeeding has been a profoundly beautiful experience. An experience that bonded me with my children as well as other nursing mothers. 

My son is still nursing at 28 months. Soon he will wean, but for now I still hold him tight in my arms. I know all to well that these moments in motherhood are fleeting. If you're interested in capturing sweet and authentic memories like these in the comfort of your home, get in touch, I'd love to chat with you about a Motherhood Session.   

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Pillow Play | 5 on 5

This month I joined the ladies of the 5 on 5 Documentary Blog Circle to share a set of photos from a regular day at home. Normally I discourage the kind of crazy that leads to couch cushions on the floor followed by leaps and jumps but every once in awhile I'll grab my camera instead of being the "fun police" ;) 

These shots were taken and culled with my son in mind. He’s at this in-between stage in his life where he’s big enough to play rough but still very much a baby. I wanted to capture that along with the joy he experiences while playing with his favorite pal, his big sister. 

I ran for my camera the moment I saw him tearing the couch cushions apart…

Sibling photography Orlando, FL

Then I waited for a moment where I could get in close enough to feel like I was a part of the action too.

Sibling Photography Orlando, FL

Being sure to capture him among the pillows. 

Sibling photography Orlando, FL
Toddler boy family photojournalism

Rough landings and all!

Family photojournalism

When I realized that I was able to truly capture my children without posing or directing them it changed the entire way I approached photography. 

Nothing extraordinary is happening in this set but it doesn't mean these moments aren't worth documenting. I've captured my son's authentic joy as he bonds with his big sister.

When I look back at the photos I've taken over the last two years I don't just see cheesing faces. I'm reminded of the toys that were loved, the games that were played, the clothes that were worn and the way life felt during that particular time. In the background I can see the slow transformation of our home as we continue to tackle projects big and small. For me, it's all about being able to look back and remember things just as they were. I'm so glad to have these photos for my kids and they already enjoy looking through the photos that I’ve taken of them. 

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